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Astrology is the language of the soul.

I believe that astrology provides us with a doorway to empowerment. In this 2 hour session, we dive deep into your natal chart and discover your natural energies, any challenges you may face, and a doorway through those challenges. More knowledge equals more choice, more choice equals a more intentional life.

Your energetic imprint is unique to you and you alone.
Astrology is simply a complex language that helps decode that imprint.

The moment you were born, a unique and distinct energetic imprint was created. Understanding that energetic imprint provides insight, and many times validation of your past and present experiences and a framework for how your energy moves best in the world.


We all have free will and we get to choose, but knowing your chart gives you a deeper insight into how to work with your natural energies instead of against them; which creates more flow and ease in life. This deeper knowledge of self provides awareness, and awareness always precedes choice; choice creates endless possibilities.

Each planetary placement represents a human instinct. The placement of the planets within the houses and signs tell a story of your natural instincts and energy, possible life challenges; the way you think, process and learn; the way you resource yourself; the way you nuture/have been nutured; the way you navigate relationships; the depth of your intuition; and the way you show up in the world (and so much more).

Astrology is infinitely layered and nuanced, but what I focus on in these readings is opportunities for empowerment and growth, life purpose, North Node guidance, your progressed moon season, and your path to self-mastery through Saturn.

It would be my privilege to remind you just how unique and infinitely magnificent you are through the lens of your natal chart.

Exchange: $222

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