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Sagittarius sun.

Virgo moon.

Scorpio rising.

6/3 Generator.

Enneagram 9.

I am a seeker of truth (Sagittarius), with a priestess center (Virgo) and an obsession with the continuous and brutiful cycles of death and rebirth we all experience in our lifetimes (Scorpio). I have fallen in love with astrology, somatic and nervous system work, and the process of evolution in myself and others. Alchemization of body, mind and spirit is my love language.

With Pisces at my root and Virgo at my crown, I carry the codes of a healer, yet overall, I think of myself as a guide. I love helping women navigate their awakening journeys, transitions, and transformations. It is the honor of my life when someone entrusts me with helping them expand into the truest version of themself. And, together we get to see the outcomes of their commitment and dedication.

If you desire deep transformation, you are in the right place.


I am a somatic- and trauma-informed life coach with lived experience and training in many different modalities including nervous system regulation, inner child healing, somatic edging and release, voice dialogue, Internal Family Systems (IFS), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), non-violent communication (NVC), emotions, and more.


Yet my most extensive training has been in my own human experience.

Experiencing a shift in consciousness through a spiritual awakening shook my foundations in 2015. My entire view of the world changed almost overnight and I started on a long journey of unlearning and de-programming that had kept me stuck and small for most of my life. I had to let go of friendships that were no longer aligned and re-negotiate how I related to others and the world.

Overcoming the deep pain, isolation and grief that comes from prolonged infertility was my deepest initiation and is what led me to the path I'm on today. Finding my way back from that took me a very long time, and it wasn't until I worked with a coach that I was truly able to let go of and cease living out of the stories I made up about what infertility meant about me.


Traversing the emotional aftermath within my relationship was even more challenging. Co-dependent for the better part of 25 years, I had to learn to create my own center of gravity and speak my needs from a place of deep embodiment.

Learning self-trust and self-love has been a lifelong journey, and one that I am still on today. But all of these challenges have taught me many things that I am inspired to share and guide others through and is why I became a coach.

Although I believe we are all our own best counselors, life is always lifeing and can cloud our ability to make decisions or find the answers. Sometimes all someone needs is a little guidance to clear away the obstacles and find clarity.


Erin is an amazing coach and intuitive guide. She is incredibly empathic, attentive and compassionate to the core, naturally holding such a safe and loving space to go deep within one's self to meet what is in need of healing and expansion. In working with Erin, I have been able to drop out of my head and safely land in my body and heart, more naturally accessing my emotions and needs. She has such a beautiful way of reflecting back my process to me, so I understand what's happening and can anchor in my growth in deeper and more powerful ways that give me confidence to go further. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Skye W.

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