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This policy was last updated on November 11, 2023, but is in progress and will continue to be updated

  • When the mailing list form is filled out, the data collected with your permission is first and last name and email address.

  • When the contact form is filled out, the data collected is first and last name and email address.

  • When purchasing a service, Stripe is the payment method used. The data collected includes first and last name, credit card information, home address.  You can read Stripe's privacy policy at this URL:

  • Stripe considers you an "End Customer" when purchasing through a Business User. For more information on how Stripe collects data, please refer to section 1.2  End Customers at this URL:

  • This website uses Google Analytics

  • This website uses a third-party shopping cart.

  • Cookie practices outline

  • Erin J Sands LLC will only use your data to communicate with you via email. When you sign up to be on the mailing list, you are giving Erin J Sands LLC permission to contact you until you unsubscribe. When you unsubscribe, your data will no longer be stored.

  • If you are a client of Erin J Sands LLC, your personal information will be stored.

  • Erin J Sands LLC will never sell your data.

  • If you would like Erin J Sands LLC to remove your data from our records, please submit a request in writing to and your request will be fulfilled within a week of your request. You can unsubscribe from mailing lists here: add url

  • How we protect data:

  • What you are doing with the data. Tell your customers how you use their data and how, where, and how long you will store it. If you share customer data with affiliates or service providers, sell data you collect to business partners or allow marketers or others to collect data on your site, be sure to explain what information is being shared or sold and how it may be used.

  • How customers can control their data. Provide a point of contact at your business – an email address or phone number - to help customers change passwords, unsubscribe from mailing lists, close accounts, or complain if there’s a problem. If marketers use your site to collect browsing data for interest-based advertising, you should also provide customers with opt-out information for this activity.

  • How you protect the data. You should be protecting customer data with strong data integrity and security measures. You can reference these measures in your published policy to provide assurance to your customers. But avoid going into detail -- publicly revealing too much about your security practices could put your systems at risk. 

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