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Everything you need is already within you. Let me help you find it.

This is an intimate container where I create a compassionate and sacred space for you, and together we weave together your unique journey based on your needs, challenges, goals and desires.


There is no one-size-fits-all coaching experience. Everyone has different needs and goals, so our time together is tailored to your desires.


The one thing that is the same with all my clients, is that when you work with me, we go deep. Before transformation, there must be awareness. We cannot intervene in a world we can't see, so we need to understand what is in the way before we can carve a path toward your goals.

I want you to understand that you have all the answers within you, and you are powerful beyond measure. And so, in our time together, I will not give you answers or solve your problems for you, because only you know the right answers for you. What I will do is hold you in compassion and non-judgement and gently guide you back to your innate wisdom every step of the way. I do this so that you can experience and embody that wisdom over and over again, cultivate self-trust, and fully participate in your expansion.


As your coach, I am a stand for your greatest expansion and the highest vision you hold of yourself. I will hold that vision up as a mirror and call you forward into the change you say you desire. We will create clear and measurable goals together that will support you along the way.

I'm here to help you find the confidence, courage, and clarity inside yourself, so that you can create changes on your own and flourish.

My job is to help you look at life, a problem, or obstacle with new eyes; to get creative with solutions and find new ways to heal what needs to be healed in service to living your most expansive life.



We must first create awareness before we can transform; so we begin by discovering together what may be holding you back or in your way on the path to where you desire to be. Together, with the information you provide on your intake forms and a natal chart reading will give us both a deeper understanding of your natural energetic imprint and how that energy might show up in the past and the present. This is a necessary and sacred part of the journey because we cannot intervene in a world we can’t see; so we take our time to investigate what is hidden so that we can alchemize and transform it.

The Dissolving

Together, we hold the frequency of transformation. Cross-fading what we discovered in part one, while inviting new expansion at the same time. We are in the “both/and” part of the journey. We work through those previously hidden aspects and begin to shift old patterns, beliefs and conditioning, while also implementing nervous system regulation and embodiment practices to build a bigger somatic body that will support you in your expansion. Embodiment work is what will support you as you move through heavy emotions, releasing old ways of being, holding more joy and also welcoming the new, expanded version of yourself.

The Butterfly

By this time, change is becoming evident in your day-to-day life. You are breaking free from unconscious ways of being and expanding into your true nature. This may show up as slow, incremental changes, or it may be a big breakthrough where things all of a sudden open up. Neither way is the “right” way, and it will look different for everyone, but you are learning to trust the journey and understand that you are always in a state of becoming. This is where you get to envision and live into the new possibilities that have opened up through your dedication to your own expansion. We continue the embodiment work and coaching around anything that continues to arise for you.


Natal Chart Reading

1.5 hour session

We start your journey with a natal chart reading. The intention is to take a look at the natural energies you were given when you incarnated; where potential challenges might lie, and the doorway through those challenges. We look at your purpose and destiny signatures, where and how you become empowered, etc. When we have a deeper understanding of the personality and your opportunities for growth, it provides another layer to take into account as we work together.

1:1 Coaching

12, 1-hour sessions held every other week

Together we weave together your unique journey based on your needs, challenges, goals and desires. This is a bespoke container where we will identify what is the way and then we weave a way forward through presence, compassion and embodiment practices. Combining body, mind and spirit to bring you into alignment with your highest and best.

Non-Linear Movement

4, 1-hour sessions to be scheduled within the first 4 months

Our body is a living library—it remembers everything, so embodiment practices are an essential part of any self-discovery journey. You will receive private instruction to teach you the method so you can learn to incorporate it into your own life and use it as a tool to move through anything, call in anything and bring well-being to your body so you can experience the full spectrum of what it means to be human while remaining anchored in your dignity.

Voxer Access

Available Monday–Thursday during the entire 6 month container

As you move through the duration of the coaching container, you may need support between sessions. Voxer allows you to leave text or voice messages to request support, share your insights, discoveries, triumphs and verbally processes anything that comes up in real-time.


Pricing plans available.


  • Why schedule a discovery call?
    Discovery calls create an opportunity for both of us to get a sense of each other to see if we are an energetic match. You bring questions and we talk about the things you'd like to transform and why you are interested in coaching at this time and we have a no-obligation, no pressure conversation.
  • What if I am ready to start now and don't need a discovery call?
    I understand that sometimes people just know they are ready and they want to jump in with both feet. No problem at all. If you are ready to start now, contact me at
  • Why 6 months?
    A minimum six-month commitment is required because that gives us time to get to know each other and you time to truly create change in your life.
  • How often do we meet?
    Coaching calls are 1 hour and held every other week for 12 sessions total.
  • Why every other week?
    This time frame allows you plenty of space to integrate everything we touched on in a session and complete any homework or goals we set in any given session.
  • What is required of me?
    Your full participation in the experience, commitment to being accountable and breaking out of your comfort zone.
  • Do you have payment plans?
    Yes, payment plans are available. Schedule a discovery call to chat about the best option for you.
  • Why embodiment practices?
    Embodiment work is what will support you as you move through heavy emotions, releasing old ways of being, holding more joy and also welcoming the new, expanded version of yourself. Knowledge only becomes wisdom when it is felt through the body.
  • Why four NLMM sessions in the 1st four months?
    There are four NLMM modalities—Moving What You are Feeling; Release; Calling-in; and Pleasure. We start with Moving What You Are Feeling to begin to get a sense of your inner landscape and to identify any patterns; followed by Release which allows you to release anything you are holding in your body; then comes Calling-In which teaches you how to use your body and your energy to call in anything you desire. We finish with Pleasure, which reveals how to create well-being and vitality in your body.


Erin is an amazing coach and intuitive guide. She is incredibly empathic, attentive and compassionate to the core, naturally holding such a safe and loving space to go deep within one's self to meet what is in need of healing and expansion. In working with Erin, I have been able to drop out of my head and safely land in my body and heart, more naturally accessing my emotions and needs. She has such a beautiful way of reflecting back my process to me, so I understand what's happening and can anchor in my growth in deeper and more powerful ways that give me confidence to go further. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Skye W.

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